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History and Key Points

VENTURIS PLC, since 2004, is active in the fields of credit management and amicable and judicial debt collection of unpaid claims


Pionneers in this sector with the implementation of a WEB platform and a computerised engine, we facilitate the mass processing of unpaid invoices throughout the Belgian territory, with more than two million unpaid invoices processed to this day.

VENTURIS has put forward the added value of amicable collection while ensuring judicial collection through its network of bailiffs and lawyers. All are interfaced with our computer system, providing full transparency.

Our remuneration mode as well as our procedures ensure that our clients have perfect mastery over the collection costs.



Provide the market's highest rate of collection



Remain attentive to our clients' needs.

Respect for the debtor: "behind an unpaid invoice there is not always a bad payer"


Transparency & Ethics



Coordination of amicable & judicial collection of unpaid invoices.

Give our clients mastery over costs.

Delay reduction, speed of collection.

Automation, integration and proactive actions.

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