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Lawyer Network

Lawyers specialised in debt collection are put at your disposal in an integrated manner.

At the introductory hearing, lawyers are called upon in order to receive the judgement and when needed to record the conclusions in case of contestations.

Every lawyer acting through the VENTURIS platform is interconnected with our system and records there every action taken in order to ensure full transparency of the collection process.

Furthermore, in terms of Judicial collection, it is necessary to establish jurisprudence of quality, the only guarantee of your collection’s durability, which is why we select specialised Lawyers for you.

We guarantee to collect judgements from every jurisdiction in Belgium.

As soon as a judgement has been rendered, our network of Bailiffs acts to execute without delay the decisions given.


Bailiff Network

Our National network of Bailiffs at your disposal.
Our bailiffs are interfaced with our computer system, you keep monitoring your files’ evolution in real time.

We reinforce the amicable signal and recommend you when to switch to the judicial phase. Moreover, in addition to the clarification of a clear signal given to the debtors that do not seize the opportunity of an amicable collection, we give you full oversight of the financial risk during judicial collection, which further improves the final collection.

As you may have understood, if a debtor does not seize the opportunity of an amicable collection, we are willing to collect through judicial means, while ensuring that the amicable phase is the most optimal.

We put at your disposal our network of Bailiffs operating throughout Belgium.

The emphasis is put on Proximity, our system automatically transfers your files to the Bailiff of our network that is the nearest to your debtors.

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